Why shouldn't you buy an accident or soaked car? What are the dangers?


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When buying a car, whether it is used or new, as long as it is much cheaper than the market price, it is best not to buy it. This is because there must be a problem, and if there isn't, the car dealer won't sell it cheap.

When buying a car, whether it is used or new, as long as it is much cheaper than the market price, it is best not to buy it. This is because there must be a problem, and if there isn't, the car dealer won't sell it cheap. It is better to buy a new car, there may be an inventory cleanup, model renewal and replacement, and the price is much cheaper, there is usually not a big problem. The point is to buy used cars, the following two types of used cars are best not to buy.


 1. Serious accident car.

The accident car here is a big accident, small cuts are not included, such as the front bumper scraped off the paint, make up a little, and then more serious, the front bumper scraped, replaced a, this is not counted. Mainly involved in the beam deformation of the car, or engine damage to a large extent, suspension and body damage to a large extent, even if the serious accident car. Because the beam has been bent, and then after forming, back to the original state, has gone through a bending recovery process, its strength has been far from the factory standard. If there is a strong impact, it is easy to bend and deform, or even break, the cockpit can not play a protective role, the body is damaged to a large extent is the same reason, the strength of the decline, easy to deform, safety decline.

The engine and suspension are damaged and replaced, which may not affect safety, but it does affect ride quality, reliability, handling, and so on. Simply put, the car is not easy to drive, there are noises everywhere and cannot be repaired, and the engine is often out of order.       


How to identify it? Open the engine compartment cover, look down is able to see the beam, look at whether there is secondary welding, whether there is repainting. It is easy to see, because artificial welding, artificial painting, and the original mechanical painting, workmanship is completely different. As long as there is welding on the head, there has been repainting, must have been a major accident. Look at the shock absorber on the support is smooth, whether it has been repainted. Check whether the body on the ABC column is smooth, whether it has been sprayed paint, if possible to remove the internal slate or tape, to see whether there are traces of repair.       

2.Soaked car. Especially in summer, the car is parked in a low-lying waterlogged area and it is easy to get soaked in heavy rain. What are the disadvantages of getting soaked? First of all, the car's electronic control components are damaged, such as the control module of each system, sensors, various circuit plugs and so on. This is the most harmful, although some cars are fine at the time, each component is in good working condition. Because the water in the module inside and plug inside, evaporation is very slow, many days can not dry. So it will make the pins, circuit boards, etc. rust and corrode. After a long time, there will be short circuits, broken circuits, bad contact, the car will have a lot of difficulties, and it is difficult to find the cause of failure, it is very difficult to repair.

Secondly, because rainwater is dirty and has a lot of impurities, especially when it runs on the road. So some parts of the body are also prone to rust, and the poorly ventilated parts of the cabin are also prone to mold and bacteria, creating odors that can affect your health, such as under the carpet, inside the dashboard, inside the door panels, and inside the seats.        

Also, there is no way to determine if the engine is damaged in a flooded car, and some cars are soaked while driving. After being flooded and stalled, the engine can be damaged if the driver performs a secondary ignition. Then ready to sell the car, the repair of the engine must be the cheapest parts, the quality of repair will be very poor, repaired at that time can drive on it, but after driving for a period of time, it will be a problem.

So how do we recognize it? The main thing is to look at the engine, chassis, compartment, there is no rust, mud, rotten leaves, water stains. After soaking, mud, leaves must be less, of course, when people sell the car, will certainly clean up very clean, so that buyers feel that this car is really well taken care of. So you have to go to the details and look at the cracks that are not easy to clean.        

Look at the chassis mainly to see some rust, the chassis of the various gaps in the residual mud, leaves. Look at the engine for these as well, especially in the grooves, or places that are not easy to clean. Focus on the sponge on the firewall behind the engine, it absorbs water well and is prone to residual water spots or dirt. Finally, look inside the cab, turn the carpet over a foot and look for water and rust stains and a musty smell, bend your head down and look under and in the dashboard for rust and mildew stains and ask about the smell. Push the seat all the way down and look for rust on the set screws and tracks, pull the seat belts all the way out and look for water damage or mold on top. After looking at these, you'll basically be able to tell if it's a soaked car or not.

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